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Our fish are great!

We have always sourced our livestock from reputable dealers and continue to maintain our high standards that have earned us our reputation for quality fish and livestock. Our marine stocks come via Tropic Marine Centre, and are ethically sourced and captive bred wherever possible. All other livestock comes from trusted wholesalers with whom we have dealt with for over 25 years and have good trading relationships with. We are Tropica aquarium plant stockists whose variety and quality are second to none. Pond plants are all British grown and sourced through one of the UK's oldest and leading nurseries at Anglo Aquarium. Live food is all UK sourced wherever possible.

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Value for money!

We may not be a multinational or have huge stockpiles in warehouses but that doesn't stop us from being competitive on price. We get 'shop only' deals to pass on discounts to our customers, so give us a try. You will be pleasantly surprised. Add to that free local delivery with the cost option of an installation service and we know we are great value for money. Fancy something different? Ask us to quote you for bespoke aquariums. Weekly deals on our livestock and discounts on groups of fish ease the burden on your pocket.

Loyalty pays!

Grab a loyalty card next time you are in. Each visit with a purchase gets you one stamp. Ten stamps fills the card and rewards you with 10% discount the next time you shop. Use it for an upgrade on your tank, or that new external filter you've been promising yourself! How about that super coloured coral that would be the envy of your mates? Or maybe just a tank makeover with some new plants and aquascaping material. The list is endless. If you have to have just one loyalty card, make it ours.

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